About Sri Chaitanya Institute for Science, Bhubaneswar

Sri Chaitanya Institute for Science Bhubaneswar Building

We, at Sri Chaitanya are committed to provide you with the highest standards of personalized Education with a Gentle, Efficient & Professional touch. By investing in the latest Trends, Technology and Transformations we have positioned ourselves as one of the best coachings  in the fields of XI & XII (Board), NEET, IIT-JEE and others.

With a genuine thought of Social responsibility and community growth by means of empowerment through knowledge, we have taken an oath of building a well-organized and continuously restructured education system to ensure an affordable quality education to all strata of society.

Our holistic approach to  professional coaching enables us to provide High quality, Domain specific and Technologically enriched education to our students in order to felicitate their overall growth and develop enduring relations with the students and their families.

Sri Chaitanya is much beyond a Schooling and Coaching institute trying to motivate students to brighten their future. We understand parent’s worries about their child’s future and put our best possible efforts to refrain parents from worries and sleepless nights. We motivate our students every day through various activities and that is the reason behind our student’s success which is why students feel lucky for being a part of Sri Chaitanya. Before forcing students to study, we teach them how to study with fun. Our students never feel like bunking classes because of our innovative, adaptive and student friendly teaching methodologies.


The mission of the Sri Chaitanya is to make quality education affordable and accessible to community, to provide leadership in workforce training and support the economic development of the region.


Sri Chaitanya Edge

Each and every aspect of the syllabi to be covered is planned for and meticulously implemented.
We deliver education integrating the CBSE course and entrance course, the idea is for the student to utilize their time only on the relevant course.
Professional coaching by experts for success in National and state level entrance examination (Engineering / Medical)
When our students find themselves stuck with questions; they do not have to wait until their next class to get help. Personal assistance from the concerned faculty is available immediately.
We adhere to the most rigorous instruction standards.
The latest questions appearing in the examination are discussed in the class.
Sri Chaitanya has a unique R&D Team that is always working towards improving the Teaching methods and problem-solving techniques, customizing them for the students.
Yoga Sadhana, Participation in various related activities.
Electronics, Music, Art, Photography, Literary Society in English/Oriya, Hindi, Debate, Quizzing and General Knowledge.
Endeavour to inculcate the education through crystal clear concepts and provide the right guidance to excel in academics.
Issue of all CBSE course Textbooks and Competitive Entrance Coaching Materials.
Study material covering theory, objective type questions, problems, work example, assignments, lessons, tests, and evaluation are all focused on the ultimate goal of getting a good rank and admission in the professional courses of the student’s choice.
Intensive training covering last 10 years questions of CBSE examination.
Periodic Tests and examinations, VST/ Model Test for performance evaluations (topic wise)
Parental warmth and care go hand in hand with rigorous teaching. Committed faculty treats all children as their own and gives individual attention to them.
Education on morality & behaviour “Healthcare Program” by Doctors.
Used to demonstrate scientific experiments and serves as a centre for science teaching aids and project works.
Inculcating in students desirable value systems and stabilizing in them positive attitude & behaviours.
Our students are mines of precious talent. An exciting all round education is the first step in transforming potentially into reality. We ensure that our students can reach their highest potential by providing a well-rounded program of activities outside in the classroom directed toward the development of their talents, skills, self-confidence, and sense of global citizenship.
Morden teaching aids like computers, LED projector etc are integrated effectively on the teaching methodologies.
Laboratories of physics, chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are equipped with the latest equipment models.